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how to start a blog

How to Start a Blog in Under 30 Minutes

    Want to work at home and make money from your computer as a blogger? Or just want to start a blog about your life or interests for fun? Starting a blog can seem like an overwhelming idea when you don’t know where to start but don’t worry it’s very easy to set up a new blog in under half an hour, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge or experience in blogging or making websites. 1. Choose a Blogging… Read More »How to Start a Blog in Under 30 Minutes

    Download older plugin versions from

      There’s a simple way to get hold of previous versions of your WordPress plugins, for example if a current version breaks your setup. On the right side of the plugin’s page there a link called “Advanced View”, which should better be called “Version View”: Very, very (very) far at the end of the page there a dropdown box where you can select the desired version and click “Download” the get the desired version:

      Downsize your WordPress database by removing transients

        Transients are a simple and standardized way of temporarily storing cached data in the database by giving it a custom name and a timeframe after which it will expire and be deleted. But sometimes, transients set by WP and countless plugins can take a lot of space in your database. Using a simple SQL query, you can easily getting rid of them. First of it all, login to your phpmyadmin and choose your WordPress database. Once done, click on the… Read More »Downsize your WordPress database by removing transients

        How to Create an Online Magazine That You Can Monetize

          Online magazine websites are the go-to source for the latest news on a specific topic. Whether it’s food, entertainment, sport, business or even WordPress news, having a single source where you can browse articles and videos from multiple sources is a brilliant time-saver. It’s like having an RSS feed reader all over again (if you’re old enough to remember what that is). Creating your own online magazine using WordPress is a relatively simple thing to do. As long as you… Read More »How to Create an Online Magazine That You Can Monetize